Flavoured Gins – which flavour are you in the mood for?

Why choose a flavoured Gin?

When you fancy a gin but also fancy something a little different you could have a flavoured tonic but why not look at the flavoured gins on the market.

Ginjar has a range to choose from. Chromosone16 (C16) is Ginjar’s London dry and the base of all our gins. The unique flavours are created by additional steeping or running a higher concentration of certain botanicals to create the unique flavour.

Flavoured gins can take a gin and tonic to a different level making a quick cocktail at home with a flavoured gin and different flavoured mixer or swapping a plain gin for a flavoured gin can enhance the cocktails you enjoy or just impress your friends!

Which Gin do you use in a cocktail?

Burnt Orange

Burnt Orange works really well as the gin in a Negroni. The burnt orange flavour enhances the orange twist added by the orange peel and block ice adding more depth to an amazing drink https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/how-make-perfect-negroni

Alternatively, you can add Burnt Orange to a cranberry tonic to give a completely different gin and tonic with an orange wedge garnish.

Negroni with Ginjar

Rhubarb & Ginger

Moscow Mule with gin instead of vodka gives a lovely fruity undertone with the Rhubarb and gives an additional spice with the ginger.

To have a spicy Gin and Tonic why not try our Rhubarb and Ginger with ginger beer poured over ice with lime wedge garnish.


French 75 is a classic for any Champagne lover, made extra special with a shot of our Elderflower gin which adds a lovely floral undertone for a smoother sip.

The fresh sweet flavour of Elderflower also goes well with an Elderflower tonic or a Cucumber tonic mixer with a lemon wedge for a bit of a refreshingly twisted taste.


If a nice refreshing Mojito is what you fancy our Lime Gin adds that additional citrus flavour with the muddle of mint and sugars to create a slightly sweet and floral drink.

Lime has a fresh taste and so a natural light tonic is great to let the lime come through or lemon tonic for a refreshing citrus burst. In our view it does not need a lime wedge as the gin alone is citrus enough to get those taste buds flowing.

Mojitio with Ginjar


So the traditional Bloody Mary is made with vodka but why not try our Chilli gin to create the perfect Red Snapper. It gives that extra spicy flavour which can be used instead of the tabasco or in addition if you like it particularly spicy. We also do a horseradish and smoked gin that compliment ‘The Snapper’ to create added depth and flavour.

Using our home grown chillies and those imported from North Carolina, our chilli gin is hot and therefore isn’t for the faint hearted!

Whether you have been wiping out in Cornwall, biking on the Dragon’s Back, riding the moguls of Whistler, cruising on the pump track, or just sitting on a beach all day, there’s a GinJar gin for you that’s been lovingly created to reflect the joy of those magical days in the company of friends or family.

 So whatever you fancy Ginjar has a gin for you to create a fantastic tasting cocktail or a gin and tonic with a twist. Visit our website www.ginjar.co.uk to order your favourite